Post-Flight Checks, For All Categories Drones

The type of inspections and checks which are carry out after the flight is called Post flight checks.


  • Power down U.A.V.
  • Remove and safely store battery. (If UAV is Battery Powered)
  • Check for cracks in highly stressed part.
  • Visually inspect the air frame.
  • After the flight inspect damaged screws, fasteners, nut & Bolts.
  • Inspect the Loose & Damaged wiring.
  • Inspect the camera lenses. Check camera lenses secured or not.
  • Remove Propeller and check fail safe behavior.
  • Check propeller is smooth & free of dents.
  • Tighten Propeller adapter.
  • Carry out symmetric check for checking the endurance of Aircraft.
  • Checkout the fuel. (If UAV is Fuel Driven)
  • Check the landing gears.
  • Make Log Book entry.
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