Scheduled Checks, For Drones

Inspection and replacement of components that are planned in advance on a day, month, operating hour, etc. basis. This element consists of maintenance tasks performed at prescribed intervals. Some are accomplished concurrently with inspection tasks that are part of the inspection elements and may be included on the same form. Other tasks are accomplished independently. The schedule tasks include the replacement of life limited parts and components requiring replacement for periodic overhaul, special inspections such as X-rays, checks or tests for the condition items lubrication e.t.c, are carried out on special work forms .All the items of work are signed for carrying out as per the instructions and standard practices.


  • Tubes- Check for bends, dents, scratches, etc.
  • Wires– Check wire ends for bolt and/or other fastener security.
  • Wing attachment points and bolts.
  • Leading edge of the wing.
  • Check the attachment points along leading edge.
  • Aileron connections and hinges.
  • Rigging cables and attachment points along trailing edge.
  • Tubes and attachment points.
  • Wheels and tires.
  • Propeller cracks and dents.
  • Tail booms.
  • Control systems rods and cables.
  • Horizontal stabilizer and attachment points.
  • Elevator hinges and linkages.
  • Fin and attachment points.
  • Rudder hinges and linkages.
  • Tubing for dents or distortions.
  • Oil and Fuel Change.
  • Air Vehicle elements replacements or Overhaul.
  • Data-Link communication components replacement or repair.
  • Engine component Overhaul or Replacement.
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