ADS-B, An Air-traffic Surveillance Technology for Drones

ADS-B stands for Automatic dependent surveillance broadcast, a surveillance methodology that enables drones to be precisely tracked by Air traffic controller as well as pilot inside the Ground control station. In this technology, air-vehicle determines its position via satellite navigation and broadcast it periodically. Initially it was implemented in manned aircraft by some developed countries. As the time passing, the number of drones increasing day by day, producing threat of collision to manned air-crafts. ADS-B can be considered as a best alternative to come out from that threat.


ADS-B algorithm adds much more traffic surveillance options on our Ground Control Station screen like:

  • Air-Vehicles list around our Drone
  • Horizontal Distance to furthest Air-Vehicle
  • Vertical distance below or above of Air-Vehicle
  • Time to Set critical distance limit (to collision)
  • Air-Vehicles information from ICAO Data base
  • Accurate position of our Drone.
  • Mode Shifting of Drone at Critical distance Limit

Apart of it, reference of AHRS in ADS-B algorithm, provides heading and speed of our drone. Presently, Hard wares of numerous manufacturers are available in market to directly implement in flight controller board. As per the security point of view, it’s quite good for medium and high altitude unmanned aircraft systems to air traffic surveillance.

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