Ground Control Station, Functional Requirements

Functional Requirements: For better and safe operation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle depends upon how we control it with the help of numerous functions:

  • Controlling of Aircraft and Payload:

G.C.S should be capable of convey commands to U.A.V for controlling the airborne equipments. Airborne equipments include payload, navigational equipments, Engine and Data-Link.

  • Decision Making:

The Autonomous protocols powers U.A.V to take its own decisions during flight plan execution for different changes in atmosphere like gust. The G.C.S should be capable of continuously transfer data packets to airborne receiver without any glitch. Finding out the link loss till 5 sec during flight should inform (HUD warning display) to operator and execute fail safe command. This function provides decision making quality to G.C.S.

  • Mission Planning:

Success of any mission depends upon the planning, which is done by operator before any mission. In case of Unmanned Aircraft, mission planning sheaf includes analysis of weather, commands parameters (detailed description in section B) and examining the sensor capabilities compared with selected targets. From this mission planning sheaf, a flight plan will be developed.

  • Data-Recording:

It is assumed that on most U.A.V missions, some form of data will be collected. This will need to be processed, exploited and archived during flight and/or post flight. The data manipulation function therefore forms an integral part of most U.A.V G.C.S functions.

  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems Diagnostics:

In view of the functionalities provided by the U.A.V system, both the G.C.S and the U.A.V tend to be complex systems requiring automatic test facility for their effective maintenance and deployment.

  • Crew Training:

Facility to train the air vehicle controller for operating the U.A.V, practicing the proposed mission plans and emergency protocols are required. As regards the payload pilot, facility for training to identify and acquire the targets under realistic flight conditions is needed.

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