Kismet: The Wireless Network Detection Tool

Kismet is a powerful wireless network detection and analysis tool that is used by network administrators and security professionals to monitor and analyze wireless traffic. It works by passively collecting data from wireless devices and networks in the surrounding area, allowing users to identify hidden wireless networks and track the activity of wireless devices.

One of the key features of Kismet is its ability to detect wireless networks that are not broadcasting their network names (SSIDs). These hidden networks are difficult to detect using traditional wireless scanning tools, but Kismet is able to uncover them by analyzing the wireless traffic in the surrounding area.

Kismet is also able to identify the type of wireless device or network it is detecting, making it easier for users to understand the wireless activity in their area. It can distinguish between different types of devices, such as access points, wireless clients, and mesh nodes, and it can also identify the type of wireless technology being used, such as 802.11b, 802.11g, or 802.11n.

In addition to its wireless detection and analysis capabilities, Kismet also provides a variety of features for network administrators, including the ability to log wireless activity, create graphs and charts of wireless activity over time, and alert users to suspicious activity.

Overall, Kismet is a valuable tool for anyone working with wireless networks, whether for security or network administration purposes. It is an essential tool for uncovering hidden wireless networks and understanding the wireless activity in a given area.

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