4 steps to implement PID controller with algorithm.

Here is an algorithm to implement a proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controller in a drone:

  1. Define the system variables that you want to control with the PID controller. This could include variables such as the position, altitude or orientation of the drone.
  2. Set the initial values for the system variables. These values should reflect the starting position or orientation of the drone.
  3. Declare the PID controller coefficients. These coefficients, also known as the “gains,” will determine how the controller responds to changes in the system variables. The values for these coefficients will depend on the specific characteristics of the drone and the desired control behavior.
  4. Begin the main loop of the PID controller algorithm. In each iteration of the loop, do the following:
  • Measure the current value of the system variables.
  • Calculate the error between the current value and the desired value for each variable.
  • Calculate the proportional, integral, and derivative corrections for each variable based on the error and the PID controller coefficients.
  • Combine the corrections to generate the control input for each variable.
  • Use the control input to adjust the motors or other control surfaces of the drone as needed to bring the system variables into alignment with the desired values.
  • Repeat the process until the desired level of accuracy has been achieved or the flight is complete.

To conclude, implementing a PID controller in a drone involves defining the system variables to be controlled, setting the initial values for those variables, declaring the PID controller coefficients, and implementing a main loop that calculates the control inputs based on the measured system variables and the desired values. By repeating this process in each iteration of the loop, the PID controller can help the drone maintain a stable and accurate control over its position or altitude or orientation of the drone.

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By Abul Kalam Khan

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