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Author, Inventor, Engineer & Entrepreneur

He has completed Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) . After the completion of the course, He shifted to acquire the experience of Bell 407 Helicopter and Super King Air B200 aircraft. Additionally, He achieved certifications in Human Factors, Aircraft Systems, Jet Engines, and Airframe, related to wide body aircrafts such as A320, A340 and B737. Later on, he joined a privately held UAV Company as a UAV Technical Engineer, where, during the research on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, he transmuted his complete ‘Manned aircrafts’ knowledge into ‘Unmanned aircrafts’ and designed Drone crash course study material. Apart from technical work, organized many workshops and training sessions to train the engineering students regarding Unmanned Aviation field as well as participated in HALE/MALE types UAVs project. Now he is working as a Director in a private UAV manufacturing company. His latest formed UAVs include VTOL UAV (5KM) and JARVIS (Speech Recognition) based Ground control station (GCS) to control the UAVs and invention comprises ‘Blended wing body VTOL UAS, controlling by bleed air motion control system’.



He has national and international experience. A post graduate aerospace engineer, a flight engineer, an MBA in HR, and courses in marketing! Experience on aircraft, helicopters and UAVs. Has spoken in various fora both in India and abroad. Has been trained for evaluating a candidate for suitability for a position by DIPR, DRDO. Has served the corporates, IAF, DRDO, and has consulted several organizations rom India and abroad. A leader, a leader duplicator, a very good public speaker, a keen sportsman, and yet always humble; and humble to learn! Will be a very good influence for students at all levels!

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He holds bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering, worked at Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), Nasik. 5 years experienced in UAV field and worked at different Drone applications, such as Surveillance, Agriculture, Multispectral, Fixed-wing. Beside specialized work, he has trained Engineering students in many colleges and universities for Fixed-wing and Multirotor UAVs.

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He holds bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, trained at Samhams Technologies. After that, working as a Drone Engineer in VAU Technovations Ltd from 2018, he worked on different types of drones such as, Agriculture Drone (5 lit, 10 lit, 16 lit & 20 lit), Surveillance Drone & on different Flight Control Units. Apart from this, worked as a Testing Pilot & Field Pilot in Agriculture Drones (5 lit, 10 lit, 16 lit & 20 lit), Surveillance Drone & Multispectral Drone. Additionally, he involved in some Demonstration for the Police Department, Forest Department & Agricultural Department.

He specialized in product design and Development in 3D designing such as Arm Stretching Drone, Surveillance (Micro, Small & Medium) category Drones & Agricultural (small & medium) category drones.

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