T-Motor Alpha 60A ESC Manual

T-MOTOR Alpha 60A ESC comprises low noise, low temperature and low interference characteristics. It provides fast throttle response as well as high efficiency. This ESC is specially designed for Multi-rotor copters with low voltage protection.
It is compatible with MN501S KV240, MN701S KV135, MN705S KV125, MN601S KV170, MN605S KV170, MN7005 KV115, U8II/Lite KV100, U8II/Lite KV85, U10II KV100 Only. It provides Multiple Protections such as Throttle Loss Protection, Motor Lock-Up Protection, Low Voltage Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Over Current Protection.

Positive Points:

  • High Efficiency
  • More Stability
  • Multiple Protection
  • Light Weight
  • Dust Resistance and water proof
  • Nano Coating
  • Efficient Cooling
  • Fast Response


  1. Yellow wire is used to check the RPM signal in Motor
  2. White and Black wires are for Throttle Signal and Black one is for Ground
  3. Black, Red and white signal wires are for Upgrading
  4. Connect orange wires to motor according to rotation
  5. Red and Black for Battery



  • Start-Up Safety – After increasing throttle value, if ESC fails to start the motors in 2 seconds, then ESC shuts down the motor. To solve this problem, move the transmitter throttle stick back to the bottom position and restart the motor.
  • Motor lock-up safety: ESC cuts off the output when motor lock-up is detected. To restart the ESC, you need to push the throttle stick to the bottom position and start it again.
  • Over-load Safety: Don’t let current cross to 350A otherwise ESC will cut off its output immediately. To solve this problem, just powering it on again.
  • Throttle Signal Loss Safety: If the ESC finds signal loss, then it will cut off the output immediately and it will start again when it detects normal signals.

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