Ground Control Station, Operational Requirements

Operational Requirements of Ground Control station:

We should meet these requirements in to our Ground Control station for getting the reliable operations during missions:

  • The G.C.S should provide visual and audio alerts during the operation as a response to different events, such as a low battery level or a problem with the video transmission of a ground camera, completion of way-point, Arming and disarming and Flight parameters.
  • The G.C.S should autonomously detect connection or disconnection of U.A.Vs in the system, following a plug-and play paradigm.
  • The G.C.S should display all the information required to be aware of the state of each U.A.V aka warning and monitoring parameters. Head up display should contain suitable information to avoid overloading the pilot.
  • The G.C.S system shall incorporate subsystems that have industry standard modules and interfaces. This approach can handle issues, such as technological obsolescence and permits incremental enhancement of individual subsystems without affecting other parts of G.C.S, thereby safeguarding the investments made earlier.
  • When more than one type of U.A.V is in service, capability to use the same G.C.S protocols (through software reconfiguration) with different types of U.A.Vs is very useful for reducing system cost and operator training.
  • The G.C.S should be configured using commercial off the shelf items, thereby making the system affordable.
  • G.C.S should be capable of transfer control of U.A.V to another substitute G.C.S. This technique is used for M.A.L.E and H.A.L.E U.A.V during long distance operation to refine communication channel. As an illustration, predator and global hawk long distance U.A.V includes this technique.

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